Unfettered surprise and goodwill…

Mon, Jun 23, 2008


“AHA!” moments come to us in many different sizes and with varying frequency. Although there are certainly adults who strive to create new knowledge in their lives, it is most certainly the children among us who have the upper hand. This is not so much a case where the child “knows” less and thus has more to be surprised about, but that children have yet to develop the mask of “knowing” that inhibits adults from regular surprise. With each passing year the collective human experience seems to build a structure of “knowing” so large that moments of unseen inspiration can rarely find their way in. Any person who has traveled to a foreign city on vacation can evidence an instance of this dilemma. Walking on the streets of a new land we are open to see all the wonderful details. A bird nesting in a tree, cracks in the sidewalk, the way light shines through a café window. When we break our mask of “knowing” and “open” our minds to the present new and exciting details begin to emerge. Children seem to live this way every day. I recently held a backyard party for my son’s 3rd birthday party. One of his friends, a 4 year old, was eating chips from a large bowl. He would selectively choose a chip, take a bite, and then toss it back in the bowl. A few elders commented on his unusual behavior. The next time the 4 year old came around I said: “Did you know the rule is when you take a chip, you’re supposed to eat it and not put it back?” With a look of unfettered surprise and goodwill to my “rule making” the 4 year old said: “oh, ok!” and went back to play.
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