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ASITISINC.com: A Portal to the Future "AS IT IS/TO BE"{Re:SYN7}

Sunday, March 9, 2008


MINDing the world through technology!SYNMIND http://www.asitisinc.com/ Given that it is through MIND that we“know“, it is inevitable that Human Evolution forge a SYNMIND [a FREETHINKER as a TRUETHINKER is TRUTH with RELEVANCE and GOODNESS in Liberating Action]instantiating a RELATIONAL Pragmatic Action Methodology MINDING HUMAN CULTURE AS A WHOLEAt the core of every cultural tradition is […]

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AUDITION for the Ultimate VIRTUAL REALITY PLAY (See the following post, Adopt-a-Gnome, to sign up for an audition)

Monday, March 12, 2007


IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND— (thinking and language are co-determinate) “No one of us can know the special languages of all others, but, by chance these languages may, in part, overlap. We contend, however, that Words and phrases must be stretched towards agenerality foreign to their ordinary usage; and howeversuch elements of language […]

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