AHA!, the emotional expression of a “satisfying surprise” at the moment of discovery in the act of learning; it is the soul (the Wonder) of inquiry, the essence of Humaneness. Hence, Inquiry in this Blog will be primarily focused on elucidating the “Truth, Relevance and Goodness”, i.e. the TrueThinking, of AnyOne, without fear of foolishness or fear of the reaction of authority, as we enter the realm of the Great and Universal Ignorance of Humanity.

This ChaotiCosmos BLOG is to be a locus for the CoCreative [open collective creative participation] (R)Evolution [Relational Revolution in the Evolution] of the Whole of Human Experience by CoCreating Possible Universal Relational Futures Stressing Truth and Relevance with Goodness. TO PARTICIPATE in this Community of Relational Researchers, begin by Adopting-a-Gnome as per the procedure laid out in the post herein titled, Adopt-a-Gnome. QUERIES (Q) specifically addressing Formal or to-be-Formalized Conjectures, Hypotheses, etc., which will appear interdispersed throughout the thread of this Blog, will be indentified in the Post Title as {Re:QxSYNy} where x and y are specific numbers and SYNy is one of the Seven SYNs as per the Section entitled “Framing the Story” in the March 12, 2007 Post, “AUDITION for the Ultimate VITUAL REALITY PLAY”. The font color of the first Subtitle in the Post will be green as per the present comment.

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