Thu, Jan 8, 2009


Achieving Continuous 24/7 Event Participation
by way of
TrueThinker MindClones as Virtual Event Participants
Serving as Proxies for their Real Event Counterparts

Here’s the product:

  1. TruewikiThinker [TwikiT] ( with web-page builder, bulletin board and Community Builder (CB) for event participants (EPs))
  2. Initiating (seed) MyCommunityKnowledgeBank [MCKB] for particular TTECs (Web-based registration profile for EPs to identify who they are and what interests they have in the Event)
  3. Hosting of the product that includes disk space for EPs.

Here’s how it works:

  • An EP logs into the Parent TTEC site, fills out a profile and is automatically given a web page (with unique auto-generated URL) and a beginning MCKB. The EP can then easily access the TwikiT (point and click) and edit the website (add, delete, change) as personally deemed relevant. This unique web-identity becomes the EP’s autonomous MindClone (Vitual EP (VEP)) with respect to the Event.
  • Periodically, the VEP is “pushed” information/knowledge (content that is relevant) by the Event Management (EM). It’s placed in the same database as the specific VEP’s MCKB resources.
  • Thus the VEP continuously builds its EP Clone’s MCKB and further invites other VEPs to share these resources thus forming embryonic communities.
  • Most critically, however, the CB functionality of the Parent TTEC site continuously screens the independent VEP’s resources for “similarities”, autonomously forms Virtual Communities based on these similar features and communicates information to each VEP/EP member.

Here’s the business model:

  • Subscription-based; Market directly to EPs and to EMs.

Here’s the market:

  • All EP’s.
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