Nullifying The Paradox

Wed, May 27, 2009


“More than at any time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly”. Woody Allen


Within R.Elated’s (The AHA!Institute) Foundations Purpose of introducing the historically missing Formalization of MultiCoRelational Forms (Multi=multiple; Co=interrelated) into the Sign/Communication (Semiotic) Systems of Humanity and Ai3’s related Mission of MINDing the World through Technology, the overarching long term Strategy of Re-Creating A Virtual Universe as a MultiCoRelational WHOLE begins with the creation of Synthetic Intelligences enroute to a Synthetic Mind based on a Formal Theory of MultiCoRelational Semiotic Systems. This encompasses a formal algebra/logic of semiosis (currently termed AutoGnomics) and a theory of probable decision making including a generalized probabilistic optimization principal (now called GnosTeks), all functioning on a triadic continuum computer data recording structure (Knowledge Store or KStore or K). As a descriptor place-holder, this is tentatively referred to as an “AutoGnomic (Self-knowing)/GnosTek (Knowledge Technology) with a Knowledge Store (Store)”, or AG/GnosTeks with a KStore.

[Thinking is a process of relating relations—for both C.S.Peirce and H.W.Maturana]

The Plan is to develop the Mind Technologies and efforts needed to move from the current (2008) State of Humanity to the Singularity; that is, to the point of realization of the technological creation of a smarter-than-human intelligence. The methodology invoked by AHA/Ai3 envisions an Open Participation Institute for Fundamental SynMind Research and Development with periodic Proprietary Commercial Rollouts of Limited SynIntelligence Applications which will evolve to the point of a self-improving Synthetic Intelligence that will successfully enhance itself to the level where it can decide what to do next. The means to this end will require the Collaborative Networking of any and all voices willing to participate in developing the philosophical and formal principles, theoretical paradigms, technology architecture, and applications components needed to build a complete Mind possessed of general intelligence, capable of self-understanding, self- modification, and recursive self-enhancement.


The paradigm of the classical subject-object dichotomy, where static objects (reducible to atoms) are connected by relations, is increasingly being challenged today in philosophy, physics, and biology by a new paradigm. It describes the world as a flux of pure relations, where objects emerge only as dynamic stabilities. The input-output model as information theory’s version of the object paradigm up to now was the very foundation of computer science and its separation of data and code. In view of the new paradigm technical developments, computer science now also becomes affected by ‘radical relationism’, which does not record or process any data in the traditional (static) sense, but only generates data dynamically from a pure relation space, like computer generated images of a video game. [edited from Peter Krieg]

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