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Key to the approach underlying the work reported here is a methodology guiding developments toward being both Extensively Inclusive while stressing Occam Simplicity. Hence, this paper attempts a composition in (1) philosophical/formal speculation combined with (2) theoretical and applied technology model development which, in turn, is (3) instantiated as a product/service being tested in the marketplace for success. This process begins from what appear as the apparent simplest of common sense notions as a foundation and then continues by aggregating related, nonconflicting experiences until there is enough of a basis to warrant an adaptive reconstruction. Changes dictated by less than expected success in any area can be due to and cause revisions in any one or combination of areas in a recursive adaptive Pragmatic Action Methodology (PAM). For example, the AutoGnomic ™ Developmental Methodology has depended (albeit lacking sophistication in this early stage of its introduction) on the continuous optimization of the philosophical and formal foundations, the theories, models and applications of AutoGnomes ™, all effected simultaneously in mutual recursive adaptation through enactment (implementation) of computational algorithms and architectures directly in the design, building and commercial deployment of AutoGnomes ™. The foregoing was extracted from the following paper which Adopters-of-Gnomes (TrueResearchers) can access at the TrueThinker AHA! Community.
[An AutoGnomic Intellisite
Jon Ray Hamann and William Dale Koehler
The growth of Boolean computers into Bayesian inference machines, being one approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI), has stimulated a theory-glut. Networking computers led to the Web (Virtual Reality) with a resulting info-glut. The industry’s solution is an added tool-glut. A uniform solution for all problems of glut is the Intellisite(tm), an Intelligent Website, generically branded as TrueThinker ™ (www.truethinker.com). This is an application of the AutoGnome (tm), a patented approach to both Synthetic Mind/Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Functioning as a MINDClone ™ for the Human user in Virtual Reality, this solves the glut issues by transitioning from AI in the Web to the Web as AI.]
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    Dear R. Elated, Is possible to get access to some Pendergraft’s reports about the Autognomes? I would like to thank you very much by the answer.

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