The subjective nature of being…

Thu, Aug 7, 2008


A word often thrown around in the world of Fly fishing is “ethical.” Actions and practices are frequently given a subjective value stamp of “un-ethical” or “ethical.” Persons acting in such a manner are often stamped wholly as being “ethical” or “unethical” in their complete being based upon a single action. Some statements many people can agree upon like: “it’s un-ethical to use grenades while sport-fishing.” Other statements are a little tougher like “using barbless hooks is ethical.” However, few if any value statements ever have complete acceptance by a certain population. Other statements easily split populations such as the question of practicing “catch & release.” I must admit that I’ve used the word “ethical” as a stone in my past. I have thrown support to a conflict only to learn later that the “other side” were not necessarily “un-ethical” beings, but beings acting solely on their biased view of the world… as we all do. Taking time to explore the objective nature of our world rather than the subjective nature of being can lead to great understanding and peaceful coexistence as billions of individual(s) go wandering through the public.
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