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Sun, Mar 9, 2008


MINDing the world through technology!SYNMIND
Given that it is through MIND that we“know“,
it is inevitable that
Human Evolution forge a SYNMIND
is TRUTH with RELEVANCE and GOODNESS in Liberating Action]
instantiating a RELATIONAL
Pragmatic Action Methodology

At the core of every cultural tradition is a story which attempts to integrate ideas about ultimate existence (cosmology) with ideas about which experiences ultimately matter (morality). When these stories appear intellectually implausible and/or morally irrelevant, within or between cultures, they render culture generally vulnerable to crisis. There is now a critical need on a global scale for constructing a new and unique Story, a global ‘mythology’, of Human Culture [Recognizing a thread from Loyal D. Rue and colleagues] as Whole(Ness). The central challenge of the twenty-first century will be to integrate an evolutionary cosmology with an ecocentric morality recognizing the universal tension between Truth by Adapting Presumed Beliefs to Experience versus Truth by Adapting Experience to Presumed Beliefs. Such a story seems to be forming around the Epic of CoCreative CosmiChaotic (R)Evolution emerging from the necessarily irreducible interrelation of the Analytical (Inquiry and Inference) and Intuitive modes of consciousness as MIND.

Since creating, engineering and deploying Synthetic MIND and its component Synthetic (Artificial) Intelligences is a core business of As It Is, Inc. (Ai3inc), and since the essence of MIND as well as that of the Virtual Reality of the Web is of signs in communication, i.e. a SEMIOTIC RELATIONAL SYSTEM, it is fitting that this Home page be a focus of a Company-initiated, ongoing, open participation conversation on Understanding Signs. If there were to be, figuratively speaking, a beginning as an introductory course on signs (i.e. Signs 101) in the context of this website, it might reasonably be expected that it focus on interpreting the meaning of the Ai3inc corporate logo (see above).

In order to periodically restate the Company’s Vision as it evolves in particular expressions through its various partial developmental realizations, this space will be used as in the foregoing to post from time to time a question, statement or imperative regarding the Vision and to here condense TrueThinkers’ responses as posted at For example, it is seen as key to developing General Purpose Synthetic Intelligences that there be a common foundation, i.e. a standard theory of mind, from which AI engineers can work. This standard being proposed by Ai3inc is the AutoGnome™.

The VISION of the Founding Partners is of a Global Transformation of Human Culture/Society, a CoCreative Cultural/Societal (R)Evolution, by facilitating the metamorphosis of the old Age of Information into a new Age of CoCreative Wisdom as realizations of the metamorphogenesis of the Age of System into the Age of Relation.

The MISSION then is to position Ai3inc as the exemplary organization globally recognized for setting the de facto technological standard for accelerating the growth in the Wisdom of Humankind, first by enhancing and improving individual human performance via continued research, development and deployment of its Synthetic Intelligence/Synthetic MIND software.

The STRATEGIC PLAN begins with a focus on creating SynMIND which is being effected in two distinct R&D paths – the first being that of the Peircian-inspired/Pendegraft-specified/Pragmatic System of the AutoGnome; the second is to explicitly formalize a Semiotic Relational System (called the GnosTek) implementing multiboundary mathematics with the algebra of probable inference, inquiry and intuition, both as an approach to SynMIND and as a formally rigorous re-specification of the AutoGnome. The commercial deployment will continue the rollout of and its extension as follows:


Beginning from this augmentation of Human Mind via the growing intelligence of the AutoGnome, the PLAN begins to expand to include the introduction of each of the other SevenSyns between now and 2012-2013.

The 7 SYNS: Strategic Viewpoints of Possible Relational Futures

Extend the FOUNDATIONAL frontiers of SEMIOTIC RELATIONAL SYSTEMS COSMICHAOLOGY through Laureate-quality Research on–

  • SYN1: Creation of Interrelated Relational (RO3) Sign Systems
  • SYN2: Synthesis of Field as Interrelated Relational (RO3) Sign Systems
  • SYN3: Synthesis of Matter as manifest FIELD
  • SYN4: Synthesis of Life as dependent on the origin of sign in FIELDS as RO3
  • SYN5: Synthesis of Mind as both being and meta-imaging RO3
  • SYN6: Synthesis of Language in RO3, and
  • SYN7: Synthesis of Society AsItIs/ToBe as Interrelated Relational (RO3) Sign Systems

Extend the ENGINEERING Frontiers of SEMIOTIC RELATIONAL SYSTEMS EPISTEMOLOGY through Applications Development by partnering with Affiliates including ODODU (Synthetic Language), LIFE CYCLES FARMING (Plant Microbial Agriculture), RURAL LEARNING CENTER (AgReCulturing the World), and SMARTEST (Smart Educational Systems Technology).

The MIND TRUST of global experts is in process of initial formation.

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