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(re-building education today from the perspective of a
transhumanist society of post-2063 which subsumes a
Virtual Autonomous CyberSociety of WebGnomes)
This following presentation introduces the AutoGnome ™ (Synthetic Mind) as a technological solution to a World-wide educational crisis exacerbated by the scarcity in human resources for teaching. The immediate technology is the Intellisite ™, an Intelligent Website branded as TrueThinker ™ (http://www.truethinker.com/). Functioning as a MINDClone ™ (Virtual Self) for the Human user in Virtual Reality, this is a personal Virtual Learning/Teaching Symbiosis, an innovation in education.
Jon Ray Hamann, William Dale Koehler and Donald J. Jacobs
It is increasingly evident that the World-wide crisis in Education, which is exacerbated by an ever-growing scarcity in the required human resources for teaching, demands a technological solution. This technology, however, must dramatically Augment Human Intelligence while moving toward an Autonomous Artificial Intelligence.
This presentation previews an approach in retrospect from a vision of a Transhumanist Future Culture/Society imported into the current strategic thinking regarding educational reform. This work, now in commercial deployment, is intended to foster a revolution which is expected to ultimately (as we approach the Human-Posthuman Singularity) completely reinvent education throughout the entire knowledge/age-spectrum.
  • Definition: Teaching/Learning, taken as a semiotic act, is most simplistically a sign communication between a Teacher-Mind and a Learner-Mind intended to increase (evolve) the potential of the Learner-Mind to act and to increase (evolve) the concomitant potential value of said act to that Learner-Mind, and, as an imperative corollary, to the Collective (Common) Other-Mind.

The mission –MINDing Humanity– involves a Teacher-Mind semiotically interacting with a Learner-Mind, each informed via an enabling, mentoring partnership with their own individually adapted Synthetic MIND/an AutoGnome ™, a patented approach to both Synthetic Mind/Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. The immediate technology is the Intellisite ™, an Intelligent Website, branded as TrueThinker ™ (www.truethinker.com). Functioning as a MINDClone ™ (Virtual Self) for the Human user in Virtual Reality, this is in essence a personal Virtual Learning/Teaching Symbiosis.

TrueThinker ™ is presently being adapted via TrueThinkerClassroom as a platform for teaching by incorporating the form of the Intelligized components of www.nylearns.org.]

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