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Fri, Dec 7, 2007


50 Years: 1963-2013
This post is simply a “Note” recalling an accounting of the foregoing 45 years and
alerting the reader to the coming sequence of posts regarding the next 5 years of a
(The problems, dilemmas, paradoxes facing Humanity are best addressed,
not with changes of or within a dysfunctional Systemic Form,
but like the dimensionally constrained caterpillar
which morphs into the beautiful free butterfly,
by the morphing of Humanity into a Form
which is predominantly
From the AGE of SYSTEM into the AGE of RELATION
By foreseeing the transhumanist Relational Form of future culture/society and—
CoCreating a (R)Evolution
[i.e. a Revolution in the Evolution of Relation]
For the long view of a sustainable form of Humanity in the (R)Evolution of LIFE ITSELF)

The platform for this Strategic CoCreation will incorporate this AHA! Institute blog [http://relatedone.blogspot.com/index.html] with an AHA Institute True Thinker [www.TrueThinker.com] Community within a to-be-formed Intelliste [www.AHAInstitute.TrueThinker.com]. The intelligent engine driving this
Strategic CoCreation is identified in
the final paragraph of this post.

This Strategic Futures Envisioning/Enactment document introduced by this “Note” will be deposited in the aforementioned Community and will be accessible by subscription to TrueThinker.com via the AHAinstitute.TrueThinker.com Intellisite. This blog will post an abstract of each partial completion of the document as it (R)Evolves under the continuing use of the ID {Re:SYN7-(R)Ev}.

was born in 1963 when Jon Ray Hamann initiated formation of the Relational Systems Enterprises (RSE) including the Relational Systems Institute (RSI) and the Relational Systems Companies (RSC) based on a unique and novel extended foundational formulation of the Notion of RELATION.

The first four decades, beginning in the first quarter of 1963, were composed as follows: 1st —— ten years of Academic Research and Technology Development (R&TD), this being largely the initial development of a Virtual RSI; 2nd —— followed by twenty years of Entrepreneurial Grounding, this beginning the formation of the RSC; 3rd —— and then ten years of Entrepreneurial Initiation leading to the formation of AS IT IS, INC. (Ai3 or Ai3inc).

Ai3inc was organized on August 20, 1999 intended as an organizational instantiation of the Theory of Autonomous Relational Systems. It has three Founders, the original two Cofounders, Jon Ray Hamann and Jere Northrop [http://www.ododu.com/ and http://www.biontech.com/] and William Dale Koehler [http://nextgenerationartificialintelligence.blogspot.com/] leading the Executive Management (Directors and Executive Team) representing an extended expertise via a group of laureate—class renowned, distinguished experts (the MINDTrust) which is being positioned for the development of a Fortune—1st Class Distributed, Autonomous Management for growing a multi—purpose, multi—billion dollar enterprise focused on SEMIOTIC RELATIONAL SYSTEMS creation, development and implementation.

The first 5 years of the fifth decade which began in the first quarter of 2003
have seen Ai3’s completion of its first product [http://http://www.truethinker.com/] and the initiation of its deployment/distribution, the establishment of its first affiliate relationship [http://www.lifecyclefarming.com/], and the beginning of its transition from a development stage company into an initial stage growth company.

These last 5 years terminating in 2013
will be actionally demarcated as follows: FIRST and foremost is the continuation toward culmination of the Adaptive Specification and Implementation of the RS—Research, Technology Development and Deployment Program; but SECOND and of comparable critical immediate import is the culmination of the RS Business Development Plan for comprehensive commercialization of a Semiotic Relational System of Automated Inquiry/Inference & Intuition (Synthetic Intelligence(s)/Synthetic MIND), the AUTOGNOME(tm) [http://relatedone.blogspot.com/]

THE 7 SYNS: Strategic Viewpoints of Possible Relational Futures
Creation of a MINDTRUST whose Operations: in Mining the MINDTRUST –
A.) Extend the FOUNDATIONAL frontiers of SEMIOTIC RELATIONAL SYSTEMS COSMICHAOLOGY through Laureate-quality Research on–
· SYN1: Creation of Interrelated Relational (RO3) Sign Systems
· SYN2:
Synthesis of Field as Interrelated Relational (RO3) Sign Systems
· SYN3:
Synthesis of Matter as manifest FIELD
· SYN4:
Synthesis of Life as dependent on the origin of sign in FIELDS as RO3
· SYN5:
Synthesis of Mind as both being and meta-imaging RO3
· SYN6:
Synthesis of Language in RO3, and
· SYN7: Synthesis of Society AsItIsToBe as Interrelated Relational (RO3) Sign Systems
B.) Extend the ENGINEERING Frontiers of SEMIOTIC RELATIONAL SYSTEMS EPISTEMOLOGY through (R)Evolutionary Applications Development, all facilitated by a Semiotic Relational System of Automated Inquiry/Inference & Intuition (Synthetic Intelligence(s)/Synthetic MIND=SYN5 or SYNMIND), the AUTOGNOME.

THE AUTOGNOME: Augmenting the MindTrust via The Second Coming of Intelligence
Conjecture: In the process of material/energetic evolution, the origin of sign (=image) is posited to be a necessary and (possibly) sufficient condition for the evolutionary origin of life. [http://www.relationalsystems.net/RIS/Origin%20of%20Life.pdf and
· The greatest innovation in the history of human life experience, i.e. language (a sign system), provided the foundation on which all future progress of human culture/society would be built.
· The communication of experience, this being the crux of societal systems, rests in-and-on language or, more generally signs (for Systems or Relations) which are acknowledged to be the essence of mind (recognizing the “carrier” role of the brain).
· The problem of understanding mind is assumed to be first (since understanding per se is a function of mind, it follows that the very process of understanding itself can be enhanced by first understanding mind, particularly in its synthetic extension, the AutoGnome) and among three of the great cosmic mysteries—the “origin”, nature and evolution of the Universe, the “origin”, nature and evolution of Life and the “origin”, nature and evolution of Mind.
· Not only is what we can think constrained by the languages (signs) we use, language use itself requires a different logic for inquiry vs. inference (argument) vs. intuition. This consideration is inherent to the applied epistemological premise of Relationism regarding synthetic mind.
· We are in the midst of sweeping global economic and social transformations where creativity has replaced physical labor and large-scale bureaucracy as the key source of community and economic growth. We face an information-based, chaotically changing environment in which success depends on the superiority of continually accelerated innovation. “Change or Die”, See Fast Company’s comments on IBM’s “Global Innovation Outlook
· Also, the disruptive force of virtualization is likely to revolutionize the IT industry in the next three to four years. But few are really noticing its stealthy creep. Dr. Jurij Paraszczak, Chief Technology Officer of the IBM Venture Capital Group and Director of Technology for the IBM Research Emerging Business Group.
· Synthetic Intelligence/Mind is the key to virtuality (an autonomous semiotic universe (the cyberverse) in which information is transferable only among virtual minds); thus Virtuality is Related to (Human) Reality through the Virtual Reality of the Web.
· It is rapidly becoming evident to key decision makers that this demand for accelerating innovation is only possible through advancing artificial intelligence (AI) which has the potential to impact every aspect of human life. The problem/dilemma for AI developers is that there is no standard, workable theory of mind.
It is the provision of this latter (the standard) that is the intent of our current development of Semiotic Relational Systems: The AutoGnome ™ as Synthetic Mind and it is believed that we are entering a five year window (2008-2013) as the critical time during which the three or so industry leaders will emerge as forging the standard for this Virtual Universe populated by Synthetic Intelligences/Synthetic Minds.

The first application of the AutoGnomic Technology, the IntellisiteTM (an Intelligent WebSite generically branded as www.TrueThinker.com ) , is a constructed software environment (a Website) with an embedded form of the AutoGnome known as a WebGnome. MyWebGnomeTM then is an intelligent agent residing in this cyberspace environment which, with its continuous adaptive learning from mimicking the user’s behavior, will grow into a likeminded replica (MINDCloneTM) of a user-self acting in the Virtual Reality of the Internet with capabilities initially including knowledge organization (learning), knowledge creation (thinking) and knowledge applications (acting). This first very embryonic instantiation of the AutoGnome as SYNMIND is the engine for CoCreating Relational Futures which, as a self-reflective lens to the Self in the CosmiChaos, will self-adapt iteratively in the Envisioning/Enactment of a Relational Metamorphogenesis of Humanity from the Age of System into the Age of Relation. Hence, as a point of emphasis, as this {Re:SYN7-(R)Ev} blog emerges, the concentration of attention in the early future will be on SYN5 = SYNMIND.



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