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Tue, May 27, 2008


through the technology of
Synthetic Intelligence/Mind

THE AUTOGNOMETM: Augmenting Human Intelligence [The following two paragraphs have been edited from, a post in this blog]
Synthetic Intelligence/Mind is the key to virtuality (an autonomous semiotic universe (the cyberverse) in which information is diffused (transferred) only among virtual minds); thus Virtuality is Related to (Human) Reality through the Virtual Reality of the Web.
It is rapidly becoming evident to key decision makers that the demand for accelerating innovation is only possible through advancing artificial intelligence (AI) which has the potential to impact every aspect of human life. The problem/dilemma for AI developers is that there is no standard, workable theory of mind. It is the provision of this latter that is the intent of our current development of Semiotic Relational Systems: The AutoGnome as Synthetic Mind.

The first application of the AutoGnomic Technology, the IntellisiteTM (an Intelligent WebSite generically branded as, is a constructed software environment (a Website) with an embedded form of the AutoGnome known as a WebGnome. MyWebGnomeTM then is an intelligent agent residing in this cyberspace environment which, with its continuous adaptive learning from mimicking the user’s behavior, will grow into a likeminded replica (MINDCloneTM) of a user-self acting in the Virtual Reality of the Internet with capabilities initially including knowledge organization (learning), knowledge creation (thinking) and knowledge applications (acting). This first very embryonic instantiation of the AutoGnome is an effective Knowledge Development & Management System (KDMS) which can serve to augment Human intelligence by IntelligizingTM human internet tools.

One of the most prolific comprehensive efforts directed at the restoration of a sustainable earth is that of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Directed by Jeffrey Sachs. With the belief that this organization holds great promise for realizing its goals and thereby increasing the odds for human learning for successful co-adaptation with the earth, we are exploring, as a model, the extension of the functionality of its website by an AutoGnomic enablement as an Intellisite. This will be accomplished in two stages: First, a TrueThinker subdomain [see the first image below,, a screen shot of the subdomain] is being developed as a platform to guide the introduction of the TrueThinker functionality into the Earth Institute website. Second, with a “descriptive or indicative landing page” (see the second image below suggesting the morphing of the Earth Institute website into a TrueThinker enabled website) and an installed TrueThinker KDMS Gadget, we have an EarthInstitute Intellisite. As a visual analogy to convey the result, see the third image below and imagine the TrueThinker button opens into the TrueThinker Gadget.

There are various available and ever-improving tools which allow a user to direct a search of the web, manually store selected results in personally relevant categories which are also searchable, and share whichever of those results the user so chooses with other persons or communities.

The AutoGnomic challenge is to quickly learn by mimicking the user’s actions so that it can perform the categorization and sharing functions by itself without the user’s need to participate. Indeed, in a slightly more refined version of TrueThinker, incorporating a thinking function called ThoughtWeaverTM, it will also form its own ideas, and subsequently pose questions to the web and process the results as per above.

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