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MIND Creating MIND: A CoCreative Re-Evolutionary Act {Re:SYN5-Prologue1}

17. March 2008


SYNTHESIZING MIND:A PERSPECTIVE This continuing post, which will always begin with the identifier {Re:SYN5-}, will be the only entry point inviting open participation in the evolving Community of Relational Researchers focused on Synthesizing Mind. To participate, begin by Adopting-a-Gnome as per the procedure laid out in the post herein titled, Adopt-a-Gnome. Read the section entitled […]

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9. March 2008


MINDing the world through technology!SYNMIND Given that it is through MIND that we“know“, it is inevitable that Human Evolution forge a SYNMIND [a FREETHINKER as a TRUETHINKER is TRUTH with RELEVANCE and GOODNESS in Liberating Action]instantiating a RELATIONAL Pragmatic Action Methodology MINDING HUMAN CULTURE AS A WHOLEAt the core of every cultural tradition is […]

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